Jojo the Dolphin

Welcome to the world of Jojo the Dolphin, one of the most famous wild dolphins in the world, and a beloved resident of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

History of Jojo:

Jojo is a lone male dolphin, known for his friendly nature and playful antics with humans. He was first spotted in 1985 by Captain Tim, the founder of Sail Beluga, and has been a regular visitor to the shores of Providenciales ever since.

Jojo’s friendly behavior quickly made him a popular attraction among visitors and locals alike. He has been featured in various TV shows and documentaries, and even has a children’s book dedicated to him.

Interaction with Jojo:

Jojo is a wild animal and his behavior cannot be guaranteed, but he is known for his friendly and curious nature. He is often seen swimming up to boats and greeting the passengers with his signature whistle.

Swimming with Jojo is not allowed, but visitors can still interact with him from the safety of the boat. Jojo is especially fond of children, and will often show off his acrobatic skills for them.

Sail Beluga and Jojo:

Sail Beluga has had the privilege of spending time with Jojo for over 30 years. Our crew is experienced in dolphin encounters and knows how to respect Jojo’s boundaries while still allowing our guests to enjoy his company.

Join us on one of our sailboat tours, and you may be lucky enough to meet Jojo in person. Our private charters give you the opportunity to enjoy a personalized experience, tailored to your interests.